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Microsoft Copilot for Azure - Preview

· 12 min read

Copilot for Azure is an AI companion that simplifies how you design, operate, optimize, and troubleshoot apps and infrastructure from cloud to edge.

With Copilot, gain new insights, discover more benefits of the cloud, and orchestrate data across both the cloud and the edge. Copilot AI assistance utilizes language models, the Azure control plane, and insights about your Azure and Arc–enabled assets.

This is carried out within Azure's steadfast commitment to safeguarding your data security and privacy.

This article contains my own personal thoughts and experiences; make sure you approach this capability with an open eye; my views may not necessarily be your own.

Azure Image Builder Image Build with Bicep and Azure DevOps

· 21 min read

Azure Image Builder is an Azure managed service (running Packer underneath) that allows you to create customised Virtual Machine images.

By using standardized virtual machine (VM) images, your organization can more easily migrate to the cloud and help ensure consistency in your deployments. Images ordinarily include predefined security, configuration settings, and any necessary software. Setting up your own imaging pipeline requires time, infrastructure, and many other details. With Azure VM Image Builder, you only need to create a configuration that describes your image and submit it to the service where it is built and distributed. With VM Image Builder, you can migrate your image customization pipeline to Azure as you continue using existing scripts, commands, and processes. You can integrate your core applications into a VM image so that your VMs can take on workloads after the images are created. You can even add configurations to build images for Azure Virtual Desktop as virtual hard discs (VHDs) for use in Azure Stack or for ease of exporting.

Azure Image Builder Image Build with Bicep and Azure DevOps