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Enterprise Policy as Code with Azure DevOps

· 19 min read

Enterprise Azure Policy as Code (EPAC) comprises a number of scripts which can be used in a CI/CD-based system or a semi-automated use to deploy Azure Policies, Policy Sets, Assignments, Policy Exemptions and Role Assignments! This is a great way to ensure that your Azure environment complies with your company's policies and standards, so let us look at it!

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Using the Azure Naming Tool API to name your Bicep resources

· 6 min read

The Azure Naming Tool was created to help administrators define and manage their naming conventions for Azure resources while providing a simple interface for users to generate a compliant name. The tool was developed using a naming pattern based on Microsoft's best practices. Once an administrator has defined the organizational components, users can use the tool to generate a name for the desired Azure resource.

Today, we will use the Azure Naming Tool API to generate a name for our storage account bicep resource.

Azure Naming Tool Logo

Add existing Azure resource to a Deployment Stack

· 4 min read

An Azure deployment stack is a type of Azure resource that enables the management of a group of Azure resources as an atomic unit.

If you deploy a new Deployment Stack, all resources in your ARM/Bicep template will be included as Managed resources, but what if you want to include a resource deployed outside of Bicep into your Deployment Stack?

Blog Heading

A community member approached me to ask how they could do this, so let us take a look.

The specified service namespace is invalid EventHub

· One min read

When deploying an Event Hub using Azure Bicep, you may get the following error:

"code": "BadRequest", "message": "The specified service namespace is invalid. CorrelationId: 652cc73c-1fa7-450a-9788-b73ad6a818df"

The specified service namespace is invalid

This could be caused by the name of your namespace needing to meet the naming requirements.