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About Me

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My name is Luke Murray... so who am I?

I'm a Cloud Platforms Consultant/Architect, specializing in Microsoft Azure and related services. As a Microsoft MVP in Azure and a Microsoft Learn Expert, I'm passionate about cloud architecture, automation, Infrastructure as Code, and cloud-native solutions.

When I'm not working, I share my knowledge and experiences on this blog. It's both a personal reference and a way for me to continue learning.

I live and work in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Want to connect? You can reach me through any of the social media links in the navbar!

Some of the technologies I work with

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Entra
  • Infrastructure as Code (Terraform/Bicep)
  • Azure DevOps/GitHub
  • PowerShell
  • Active Directory, Windows Servers and other Microsoft technologies

Achievements and Certifications