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· One min read
  1. In order to fix this – you need to close all Internet Explorer windows.
  2. Open Credential Manager (start type in: Credential Manager)
  3. Under Windows Credentials – select & remove all associated Username & Passwords
  4. Once removed log the user out and get the user to login again.
  5. They should now be able to access the Intranet & Internet.

Note: I have come across this when the users – password has reached expiry so when attempting to login again the user is usually asked to reset his or her password.

Note: Also make sure the proxy details in Internet Explorer are set correctly for your environment.

Note: Also – Windows 8 compatible.

· One min read
  1. Click on Start
  2. Right click Computer
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Click Advanced System Settings.
  5. Under – User Profiles select Settings
  6. Choose the profile you would like to Delete
  7. Select Delete

· One min read

I have recently found a good web resource – 90 day restricted Virtual Machines, compatible with Hyper-V/VMWare & Virtual box that I thought I would share.

These Virtual Machines are intended for web development testing and include Windows XP machines running Internet Explorer 6 to Windows 8.1 machines running Internet Explorer 11 (as of this post).

  1. To access these Virtual Machines – go to: and select “Get Free VMs” to see the download list.

Note: This website also has a modern interface – with a lot of resources for webpage development in Internet Explorer. Useful for any webpage builder and is developed by Microsoft.

· One min read
  1. On your Android – open the Play Store.
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click My Apps
  4. On the left – select All
  5. Select the Application you would like to remove and select – “Remove (app name) from my Apps”
  6. Click Ok
  7. Now on the Google Play website – under your Applications the application you removed should be removed from the list.