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How to disable Slingshots Proxy

· One min read
  1. First you need to head to “Slingshot
  2. On the right hand side, Login to Your Account.
  3. Click My Internet
  4. Click Internet Cache Settings
  5. You will see “You currently have caching ON” and below that you will “If you’d like to change your settings, Click here”
  6. Click it to turn Slingshot’s Internet Caching off
  7. Give it about one minute, then restart your Broadband modem.

Blank webpage with Windows Genuine Advantage

· One min read

Trying to install Microsoft Security Essentials and it is complaining about not having genuine Windows? Attempting to run the Windows Genuine Advantage validation and you are ending up with a blank screen? This is usually caused when your Time/Date is out.

  1. Double left click on the Time/Date (Lower right of your screen)
  2. Make  any adjustments, make sure that Year/Month and Day is correct
  3. Click Ok
  4. Run the WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage) validation again.

How to remove OSX User Account Password

· 2 min read

With CD

  1. Put your OSX CD/DVD into your optical drive.
  2. Restart the Mac and hold down the C key while the Mac is starting
  3. Now you should be greeted with a start-up menu select the Install (DVD/CD)
  4. Once it has booted click Utilities in the upper Menu
  5. Select Password Reset/Reset Password
  6. Now select your OSX HDD
  7. Select the User Account you want to remove/change the password of and enter in a new password.
  8. Click Save
  9. Now restart your Mac and remove the OSX CD/DVD from the drive.


Without CD Method

Note: You may lose all your Data, documents etc. Please backup first!

Tested on 10.5.6

Following the steps below you will create a new User Account which will override your old User Account and take precedence over logging in you will then remove the password from your old User Account and set it to log in.

  1. Restart OSX
  2. Hold down the Apple Key+S (or Command+S on newer Macs) key as the computer first turns on.
  3. Once the Mac starts showing lines of text and a terminal you can release the keys.
  4. Once you see a blinking cursor type: “mount -uw /” press Enter
  5. Type: “rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone” press Enter
  6. Type: “shutdown -h now” press Enter
  7. Turn the computer back on
  8. You will now be greeted with for a new user creation, follow the prompts to create a new User
  9. You would have noticed that there is no option to login to your old account, this is normal.
  10. Once you are within OSX
  11. Click the Apple Logo (top left)
  12. Click System Preferences
  13. Click Users
  14. Click Unlock (little lock, down the bottom of the dialog)
  15. Select your old User Account
  16. Click Change Password (here you can remove and/or change it depending on what you want to do)
  17. Click Login Options (down the bottom)
  18. Click Change Automatic Options to Disabled
  19. Restart OSX
  20. Now you will be greeted to a login dialog, select your old User Account
  21. Login and you can go back to System Preferences/Users to delete the account you had created.

How to install Windows Media Centre in Windows 8 Preview

· One min read

Windows 8 Consumer preview does not have the Windows Media Centre installed by default (most likely because this will be an Add-on for purchase on release)

  1. To install Windows Media Centre go to the Windows 8 Metro Panel
  2. Swipe your Mouse/Finger to the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click Search
  4. Type: add features
  5. Windows will now search live and “Add Features to Windows 8” should appear.
  6. Click (tap) Add Features to Windows 8
  7. Select I Already Have a Product Key
  8. Type in the following Product Key: MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7
  9. Select Next
  10. Check the License Terms checkbox and click Add Features
  11. Windows 8 will then restart your computer and Windows Media Centre will not be installed (You can find it pinned to the Metro Start Panel)

Countdown Shopping App List Share

· 2 min read


  1. To send other people your Countdown Shopping list, do the following:
  2. First (You have to have either a Bluetooth pair with the device or Internet access for email, going to run this guide through the email way but similar to other methods)
  3. Go to the Countdown application on your phone.
  4. Select my lists
  5. Select the list you want to send for someone (for example Master List)
  6. Now you need to open up the Countdown menu (so on your phone click the Menu button, for example on the Galaxy Ace it is the button with Lines going down on the left hand side of the phone)
  7. Select Share
  8. Now you need to select your sharing method, in this case we are going to use Email so select “Email to a friend”  (Other methods Bluetooth/Dropbox/Gmail etc are located under Share with another app user)
  9. Select Gmail or what email application you use on your phone.
  10. Now enter in the email address of the person you are going to send it to and send.
  11. The other person simply needs to open the email on their phone and click the link in the email (to the attached TXT document)
  12. When it selects what program to open it with, select your Web Browser.
  13. The Countdown Shopping app will then launch and import the list