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Data Is Invalid fix for Windows XP

· One min read

Having issues trying to install device drivers in Windows XP and its stopping half way through and giving you the “Data is Invalid” error? Following the guide below to repair.

What you need

  • Windows XP Home/Professional CD

    1. Open My Computer
    2. Navigate to: C:WINDOWSDRIVERCACHEi386
    3. Delete the file.
    4. Now copy the file from the i386 folder from your Windows XP CD into the C:WINDOWSDRIVERCACHEi386 folder.
    5. Right click My Computer
    6. Left click Properties
    7. Click Hardware
    8. Click Device Manager
    9. Right click the device you were attempting to install (should have a yellow exclamation mark next to it) select Uninstall then restart your computer.

You should now be able to re-install the device drivers.