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· One min read

In order to fix this issue you need to reset the Ink Waste counter, which is an ink counter that monitors how many prints that it has available on that one Ink Cartridge. Follow the methods below to repair this:

  1. On the Brother printer press the MENU and MONO buttons
  2. While holding the MENU and MONO buttons down press the UP ARROW 4 times.
  3. Now the computer should be in maintenance mode and you can stop pressing the buttons.
  4. Using the Arrow keys to select and the Set button to select go to: 8
  5. Then select
  6. Select through modes using the Mono button until a Purge Counter appears.
  7. Now enter 2,7,8,3 by using the Arrow Keys and Set to select to reset the counter to .
  8. Now tap the Stop key
  9. Using the arrow keys again enter 9 and press set to select.

Now you should be able to print.

· One min read
  1. First make sure all the files are in the same folder
  2. Navigate to that folder
  3. Now using your mouse drag over the files to rename them (or you can use the CTRL key and left click on the mouse to select the ones you want to rename individually)
  4. Press File
  5. Click Rename
  6. Now type in your new name (for example:  tech)
  7. Press Enter
  8. Now all the selected files will be renamed (for example: tech(1), tech(2))

· One min read

These issues are usually caused by damage and/or faulty nVidia drivers and DirectX components within Windows. Follow the instructions below to repair:


  1. Firstly you need to download a tool called “Driver Sweeper
  2. Download and install Driver Sweeper
  3. Download the latest version of the nVidia driver (but do not install yet) make sure you have the correct one for your OS and architecture (ie 32Bit or 64Bit).
  4. Click Start
  5. Click Control Panel
  6. Click Add/Remove Programs (or Uninstall a program)
  7. Select nVidia and Uninstall.
  8. Once uninstalled, reboot your computer into Safe Mode (Press F8 at Windows start-up to get to the Safe Mode)
  9. Run run Driver Sweeper (which should be located Start, Programs, Driver Sweeper)
  10. You should have a list with checkboxes in front of you ignore the rest and check NVIDIA Display.
  11. Click Clean
  12. Restart your computer (in Normal Mode)
  13. Now install the nVidia drivers
  14. Restart and you should be good-to-go!


If the above does not work, then you need to update DirectX and/or run a RAM scan.

· One min read
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Programs
  3. Click Accessories
  4. Click Command Prompt
  5. Type:  md temp | press Enter
  6. Now we need to change to it type: Type:  cd temp | press Enter
  7. Type:  copy %windir%infmachine.inf tempallmachine.inf (That will copy the “machine.inf to our newly created folder”)
  8. Type:  copy %windir%system32driversswenum.sys temp
  9. Typecopy %windir%system32streamci.dll temp
  10. Click Start
  11. Click My Computer/Computer
  12. Click on C:
  13. Navigate into Temp
  14. Right clickallmachine.inf
  15. Left click Open With, Notepad
  16. Click Edit
  17. Click Go To..
  18. Type in “22” > press Enter
  19. Select and delete: ExcludeFromSelect=*
  20. Click File, Save.
  21. Click Start
  22. Right click My Computer/Computer
  23. Left click Properties
  24. Click Hardware
  25. Click Device Manager
  26. Click Add Hardware (may be under ActionsAdd Hardware)
  27. Click Have Disk
  28. Browse to c:/Temp
  29. A list of devices should now appear select Plug and Play Software Enumerator and click Install

· One min read

Straight Through/Patch Cable

Both ends are the same.

  • Orange-White
  • Orange
  • Green-White
  • Blue
  • Blue-White
  • Green
  • Brown-White
  • Brown

Crossover Cable

  • Green-White
  •  Green
  • Orange-White
  • Blue
  • Blue-White
  • Orange
  • Brown-White
  • Brown