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Windows Update Error 66a or 0x8007066A

· One min read
  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Uninstall a Program/Add and Remove Programs
  4. Go down the list and find Net Framework 4 Client Profile
  5. Right click Net Framework 4 Client Profile and select Change/Repair.
  6. Select Repair

The Net Framework will then go through and repair its files and registry entries, once completed restart your windows machine and attempt Windows Update again.

AppHangXPro Internet Explorer 9

· One min read

This issue commonly occurs on websites such as Facebook and Internet Explorer 9

  1. Open Internet Explorer 9
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Internet Options
  4. Click on the Security Tab
  5. Uncheck Protected Mode
  6. Click Ok

Restart your browser and attempt to use the website that was having the HangXPro error before.

Error 921 Installing Android Apps

· One min read

Attempting to install applications from the Google Store and getting Error 921? I got this after several OS reinstalls on my phone and installing the same apps several time.

  1. In order to fix this, you need to go into Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Remove your Google Account
  4. Then re-add your account

Now you should be able to download and install the applications you are after.

Google Apps – How to add pages to headings

· One min read

To add a page to the top navigation (tabs) following the instructions below:

First you must have already created the page you want to add.

  1. Once you have logged into a Site click More (up the top)
  2. Click Edit Site Layout
  3. Click Edit Horizontal Navigation (by hovering your mouse over the top tabs)
  4. Here you can Add/Remove pages to and from the top navigation panel, to Add a page click Add Page
  5. Select the page you would like to add, click Ok
  6. Click again to confirm.
  7. Then close the Edit Horizontal Navigation by clicking Close (upper right).
  8. To remove pages, go back to the Horizontal Navigation, select the page you want to remove and click the “X” on the right hand side.
  9. Click Ok


Note: Remember in the Add/Remove Page section you can use the indents to create sub-menus.