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· One min read

Attempting to install Acronis Snap Deploy and getting the “spwizimg.dll” error? Follow the guide below to repair.

  1. Click “here” to download the spwizimg.dll
  2. Once downloaded, extract to a folder you can easily access.
  3. Right click the spwizimg.dll and select Copy
  4. Click Start
  5. Click Computer/My Computer
  6. Navigate to C:WINDOWSSYSTEM
  7. Right click and select Paste
  8. Attempt Acronis Snap Deploy re install.

· One min read

This commonly occurs right after an upgrade/update to the operating system.

  1. First thing is first – your laptop will probably have a Wireless On & Off feature which is either on the side of the laptop chassis or front usually in the form of a button or switch. If it’s off, turn it on!
  2. If the wireless is turned on and you are still getting an issue open a Terminal and type: sudo rfkill unblock wifi
  3. Press Enter
  4. You should now be able to access the wireless.

If neither of the above work – then the problem most likely is you’re wireless on & off switch and it might need to be rewired to be permanently on.

· One min read

Ever had a bunch of next and numbers in a column and needed to separate them with a space? Follow this guide.

  1. Find the column you want to add a space to and right click the column heading.
  2. Left click Format Cells
  3. Click Custom (bottom)
  4. Now work out how many letters/words you want before a space and type: # for each character, press Space where you want a space to be and then type the rest of the # (for example for a NZ telephone number it would look like:  ### ####)
  5. Click Ok to accept changes.

Note: You can preview the changes you make in the preview dialog above the custom edit field.