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My thoughts on Razers Project Christine

· 2 min read

Razer – a company well known for its PC gaming peripherals.

With its sleep black and green designs Razer has captivated many a gamer – including myself as I type this using my Razer Blackwidow keyboard.

Now – out of nowhere the company has released concepts for two products – the Razer Nabu a digital wristband that connects to your mobile phone offering various options – and Project Christine the modular PC design.

Computer components themselves are of a modular design – as soon as they are compatible with each other you can swap and upgrade most parts – Project Christine takes this modular design further in a fashion that reminds me of lego.


  • The design like all of Razers products is simple yet aesthetically pleasing.
  • Modular – pick & part parts – want another CPU or SSD? Simply plug it in.

Future proof(ish)

  • Razer are claiming that when technology changes so do the modular modules.
  • Up to date technology with the latest brand GFX & CPU chipsets.

Silent & Cool

  • Each modular component will feature inbuilt water cooling.
  • The water cooling will allow the components to be cool and quiet.
  • As an added note – the water cooled components will most likely make purchasing the modules already overclocked easier.

The Downside

  • It is only a concept and prototype at the moment – usual Razer product lines seem to take 1 year to hit the shelves. This will probably be a 2015 product.
  • Even though the modules will connect via the PCI-E BUS this will depend on manufacturers reselling Project Christine part “modules”.
  • No pricing has been released yet.

All in all – I quite enjoy the look of Project Christine and may well see it in my office space next year.