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VMWare Service Manager How to setup Watched Calls

· One min read

In VMWare Service Manager you can add a Watched Call; state to an Incident or Service Request. This function allows you to automatically get emailed (via the email address on your People record) any changes and updates that have happened to the call – this makes keeping up with what is happening in a call extremely useful especially for Service Desk / Help Desk staff.

Note: Putting this watched call state on will not add any history or adjust any of the lifecycle management of the call.

  • First open an Incident – in the top banner click Watched Call
  • A dialog box will open saying: A watch has been placed on the following call(s): (call number)
  • Once you receive that dialog box – you have successfully setup a Watched Call and will be notified via email of any call changes.

Note: In Outlook I have setup a rule that will forward any emails containing the following subject line:

Forum Notification – VMware Service Manager Call into a folder called – Call_Watchlist – I recommend doing this.