Official Microsoft Community Calls

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You don’t have a be a Microsoft MVP to engage with Microsoft product teams, and help give feedback! One of the best ways that the Microsoft product teams engage with the community- is through Public Community Calls!

Here is a list of the community calls across Microsoft Azure products.

Topic Link Notes
Azure Landing Zone Azure Landing Zones news roundup and updates
Microsoft 365 Platform Community Not specifically Azure related, but related more to the M365/Modern workspace.
Windows Customer Connection Not specifically Azure related, but related more to the Windows OS (Operating System)
Azure Development Community Call Azure Developers Community Call
Azure Governance & Deployments Same as the ARM/Bicep community call. Also features Azure Policy.
Cloud Security This is a ‘Private’ community. Meaning that feedback for Cloud security products (Defender, Sentinel etc) is under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). A great community to get early feedback and testing, to help the products grow.
Azure ARM/Bicep Community Calls  
Azure Arc  
PowerShell Community Call  

There may be other communities I have missed - so feel free to add links in the comments.

Up-to-date links to additional public Microsoft community calls can also be found on the AWESOME-Azure-Architecture list.



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