Official Microsoft Community Calls

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You don’t have a be a Microsoft MVP to engage with Microsoft product teams, and help give feedback! One of the best ways that the Microsoft product teams engage with the community- is through Public Community Calls!

Here is a list of the community calls across Microsoft Azure products.

Topic Link Notes
Azure Landing Zone Azure Landing Zones news roundup and updates
Microsoft 365 Platform Community{:target=”_blank”} Not specifically Azure related, but related more to the M365/Modern workspace.
Windows Customer Connection{:target=”_blank”} Not specifically Azure related, but related more to the Windows OS (Operating System)
Azure Governance & Deployments{:target=”_blank”} Same as the ARM/Bicep community call. Also features Azure Policy.
Cloud Security This is a ‘Private’ community. Meaning that feedback for Cloud security products (Defender, Sentinel etc) is under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). A great community to get early feedback and testing, to help the products grow.
Azure ARM/Bicep Community Calls  
Azure Arc  
PowerShell Community Call  

There may be other communities I have missed - so feel free to add links in the comments.

Up-to-date links to additional public Microsoft community calls can also be found on the AWESOME-Azure-Architecture list.



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