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Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure - Tools and Templates

· 3 min read

To help with your Microsoft Cloud Adoption and Azure migration, you need a few things to be successful:

  1. Define your strategy, what are your expected outcomes? Where do you start, what skills do you have or need?
  2. Plan, this may include organisational alignment to get moving to the Cloud
  3. Ready, this is where you look at your governance, Landing Zones /Blueprints
  4. Adopt, this is where you actually migrate your workloads into the cloud, existing apps and new

Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure

Here are some useful tools, templates, and assessments provided by Microsoft to help on your journey:

Note: It is not as if you can't get these resources elsewhere, I purely just wanted a list format for easy reference.

Define strategy






The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework page has everything listed above and more! If you are serious about Cloud Adoption, then reading through the official documentation not only gives you better context to the resources linked to this page but gives you more ways to think about potential opportunities to help with your Cloud adoption!

Most of these tools can be found directly in the public Cloud Adoption Framework GitHub repository: microsoft/CloudAdoptionFramework so keep an eye on that!

Make sure you follow the Cloud Adoption Framework - Whats new page, to keep up with the current best practices