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How to Merge Facebook Info into Google Contacts

· 3 min read

First we use a web-based tool called “Friends To Gmail” which collates the data from your Facebook friends such as Name, Birthday and Biography information (currently this does not support Phone Numbers).

  1. Open Friends to Gmail
  2. Click on “Connect With Facebook
  3. Login/Authenticate using your Facebooks data, you might want to select the security settings for this transactions to allow only you to see any information posted.
  4. Click Next
  5. Friends to Gmail will then go through and collect your friend’s data; it will then list all the data in a huge frame.
  6. Using your mouse left click the first part of your friends data and drag the mouse down to the bottom select the data as you go once everything is selected right click a highlighted part and left click Copy.
  7. Now we need to paste it as a file Google Contacts will be able to read, the easiest way to do this is to open up Notepad. Click Start
  8. Click Programs
  9. Click Accessories
  10. Click Notepad
  11. Right click in your brand new Notepad document and left click Paste
  12. Once your data has been pasted into the Notepad document click File, Save
  13. Save your document in an easily accessible replace and name it “facebook.csv”
  14. Now we head to Google Contacts
  15. Click More
  16. Click Import
  17. On the Import Contacts dialog select “Choose File”
  18. Locate and select your facebook.csv file and click Save
  19. Click Import
  20. Google will now import the data from Facebook into its database and create a new contact group.
  21. Click on the new contact group on the left (which should be named depending on the date/time) and click Find & Merge Contacts up the top.
  22. Google will then display a list of changes to contacts you already have and allow you to merge the changes into the new contacts.
  23. Once done you can remove the Group and you have now imported your contact information.


If you have an Android phone and want to import your friends profile pictures from Facebook to Google Contacts, good news there is a free utility you can use.

First you need to head to Google Play and download a tool called Contact Picture Sync to your Android device.

  1. On your Android device, open Contact Picture Sync