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How to stop SysPrep from starting

· One min read

Having issues with sysprep popping up all the time? Follow the instructions below to stop that annoyance from happening.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type: regedit
  4. Once the Registry Editor loads, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSetup
  5. Now to the right you should see some registry entries which you need to edit.
  6. Change AuditInProgress to “0”
  7. Change cmdLine to “setup –newsetup”
  8. Change FactoryPreInstallInProgress to “0”
  9. Change MiniSetupInProgress to “0”
  10. Change SetupType to “0”
  11. Change SystemSetupInProgress to “0”

You are pretty much changing Yes I do want to run SysPrep to No I don’t want to.

  1. Finally, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEMicrosoftFactory and delete Factory.

You are now safe to delete the SYSPREP folder where it may be (ie C:SYSPREP)

How to repair Windows Boot Loader

· 2 min read

First things first! In order to repair the Windows boot loaders you need the appropriate Windows CD/DVD for example: Windows XP Home/Professional CD for the Windows XP installation & Windows 7 DVD for Windows 7 install.

Windows XP

The instructions on repairing this are similar to the DDL Kernel fix.

To access the recover console follow the prompts below:

  1. First thing you need to have a Windows XP CD
  2. Put CD in drive and boot from it, you may have to press ESC or F8 to open Boot Prompt to select CD Drive.
  3. Once it has loaded choose Recovery Console
  4. Type: bootcfg /rebuild (This will generate a new Boot.ini file)
  5. Press Enter twice at the prompts that follow.
  6. Type: fixboot
  7. Press Enter
  8. Type: fixmbr
  9. Press Enter
  10. Type: exit (This will restart your computer, eject your CD)

Windows Vista/Windows 7

The bootloader fix for both Windows Vista and Windows 7 is luckily similar.

  1. First thing you need to do is get your Windows Vista/Windows 7 DVD
  2. Put DVD in drive and boot from it, once prompted select Repair This Computer (lower left hand side of the Windows dialog)
  3. Select your Windows install you want to repair and select Next
  4. Now you should be greeted with the Advanced System Recovery dialog box, select Command Prompt
  5. Type: bootrec.exe /FixMbr
  6. Press Enter
  7. Type: bootrec.exe /FixBoot
  8. Press Enter
  9. Type: exit (to close the Command Prompt)
  10. Restart your machine & eject the CD/DVD ROM.

Monitor rotation wrong

· One min read

Having problems where your monitor rotation is wrong, such as the start menu ending up upside down at the top of the screen? Follow the instructions below to repair.

Common fix for those using an Intel graphics driver, try the following Key combination:

  1. On the keyboard, press and hold the: CTRL+ALT key then hold down the UP-ARROW button, to switch the screen rotation, keep pressing the UP-ARROW till you get your desired rotation.

If the step above didn’t work, try this:

  1. Look for the Time on the Start Bar
  2. Around the time will be small little icons, now position your mouse you might have to put it sideways and click to reveal any hidden icons on the small arrow.
  3. Look for the Graphics driver tray icon, it might be nVidia (which is a green icon) or ATI (which is a red icon) and right click it.
  4. Left click Rotation
  5. Choose Normal
  6. Press Ok (within 15 seconds) on the dialog Window that opens to accept the changes if your rotation is now the right way.

Sony Tablet S Not Starting Reset

· One min read

Having problems where your Sony S Tablet is getting power from the adapter but actually not turning on? I had this issue and this is how I got it running again.

  1. On the side panel of your Tablet you will see small letters, stating Reset.
  2. Get a Pin or Paper Clip and put it in the small hole next to the Reset word.
  3. Hold for 10 seconds
  4. Your Tablet should now restart on its own.

Note: Pressing the Reset button will not set the tablet back to Factory settings, but pressing the Reset button and turning your Tablet off will reset it back to Factory settings.