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Dishonored – Black screen during game start-up

· One min read

It runs correctly if you put “-windowed” in the launch options!

  1. Right click the Dishonored shortcut
  2. Left click Properties
  3. Click on the shortcut tab
  4. In Target set: C:Program Files (x86)DishonoredBinariesWin32Dishonored.exe” –windowed
  5. Click Ok

Note: Tested on Windows 8/8.1 & Windows 7.

Drobo Detected an Internal Error

· One min read

If you just had this error and are GASPING like I was at 10PM at night – never fear there is still hope!

Note: Tested with the Drobo 5N.

  1. Go to the Drobo Support website & download the correct latest firmware for your Drobo.
  2. Take ALL the internal drives out of the Drobo (this is to make sure your Drobo applications – even Drobo Port applications & storage are not affected).
  3. If you haven’t already got the Drobo Dashboard you can also download that from the Drobo Support website – Open the Drobo Dashboard.
  4. Wait 5 minutes till it scans the network and locates your Drobo.
  5. Once located click on your Drobo & select Tools within the Drobo dashboard.
  6. Click Manual Update
  7. Navigate to the location of the firmware update file and upgrade. This will require a restart.
  8. Once the process has completed restart the Drobo & reinsert your drives.

Outlook 2010 – Cannot process RSS Feed

· One min read
  1. Open regedit
  2. Navigate to: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Options\RSS
  3. In the: DWORD: Disable
  4. Change the value from 1 to 0 to enable RSS functionality.