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Windows cannot connect to the domain

· One min read
  1. Open Active Directory Users & Computers
  2. Right click Computers
  3. Search for the computer name you would like to remove and right click and select Reset
  4. Now on the computer **logon **using a local computer account.
  5. Right click Computer/My Computer
  6. Select Properties
  7. Click Computer Name tab and select Change
  8. Click on Member of – and change from Domain to Workgroup and click Ok
  9. Windows will prompt you to restart your Computer – select Restart later
  10. Select Domain and enter in the domain name you wish to reconnect to and click Ok
  11. Enter in your domain credentials to add the workstation back to the domain and click Ok to restart the computer.

Note: The benefit of doing the Reset in Active Directory first – allows you to maintain the computer groups and security identifier without loosing it.

You can also use the following Powershell command on the local PC to restore the secure channel to the domain: Test-ComputerSecureChannel -Repair

Reset Nokia Windows phone to factory settings

· One min read

As part of my role at work – we continuously swap the company’s mobile phone – a Nokia windows phone so being able to reset Nokia windows phone to factory settings is quite useful as we store our contacts on the SIM card so restoring the phone back to factory settings before handing them on is a useful occurrence.

Warning: This erases all personal content on your phone and restores the factory settings._

_Make sure the charger is disconnected, and switch your phone off.

  1. Press and hold the volume down key, and connect the charger. The screen will show an exclamation mark (!).
  2. Press the keys in the following order: volume upvolume downpower, and volume down. Your phone resets, and boots up. This may take several minutes.

Lync Server Control Panel is blank

· One min read

The Lync Server Control panel is used to control most Lync user policies and settings so when the Lync Server control is blank – it causes an issue with maintaining and configuring the Lync server.

  1. The Lync Server control panel relies on the Silverlight dependency in order to display properly – if your Lync Server Control Panel is blank – install Silverlight and restart the control panel.

Acronis 2014 How to set compression level

· One min read

On the Performance tab you can configure the following settings:

Compression level

You can choose the compression level for a backup:

  • None – the data will be copied without any compression, which may significantly increase the backup file size.
  • Normal – the recommended data compression level (set by default).
  • High – higher backup file compression level, takes more time to create a backup.
  • Maximum – maximum backup compression, but takes a long time to create a backup.

The optimal data compression level depends on the type of files stored in the backup. For example, even maximum compression will not significantly reduce the backup size, if the backup contains essentially compressed files, like .jpg, .pdf or .mp3

Acronis 2014 How to setup email notifications

· 2 min read

To configure the email notifications in Acronis:

  1. Select the Send e-mail notifications about the operation state check box.

  2. Configure email settings:

  • Enter the email address in the To field. You can enter several email addresses in a semicolon-delimited format.
  • Enter the outgoing mail server (SMTP) in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field.
  • Set the port of the outgoing mail server. By default the port is set to 25.
  • If required, select the SMTP authentication check box, and then enter the user name and password in the corresponding fields.
  1. To check whether your settings are correct, click the Send test message button.

If the test message sending fails, then perform the following:

  1. Click Show extended settings.

  2. Configure additional email settings:

Enter the e-mail sender address in the From field. If you are not sure what address to specify, then type any address you like in a standard format, for example [email protected].

Change the message subject in the Subject field, if necessary.

Select the Log on to incoming mail server check box.

Enter the incoming mail server (POP3) in the POP3 server field.

Set the port of the incoming mail server. By default the port is set to 110.

  1. Click the Send test message button again.

Additional notification settings:

  • To send a notification concerning process completion, select the Send notification upon operation’s successful completion check box.
  • To send a notification concerning process failure, select the Send notification upon operation failure check box.
  • To send a notification with operation messages, select the Send notification when user interaction is required check box.
  • To send a notification with full log of operations, select the Add full log to the notification check box.