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How to forcefully clear the Trash in Linux

· One min read

The Trash stores your recently deleted files and folders which you can usually Right click and clear to clear the Trash in Linux  – however I have ran into problems where even though you clear the Trash the files and folders you want deleted remain. Good news is that you can force the Trash to be cleared by using the Linux terminal.

  1. Open your Linux Terminal
  2. Copy these commands and paste them into the terminal and press Enter (this will clear the Trash completely – anything in the Trash is unable to be recovered)


rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash

mkdir ~/.local/share/Trash

mkdir ~/.local/share/Trash/expunged

mkdir ~/.local/share/Trash/files

mkdir ~/.local/share/Trash/info


Note: Tested in Debian/Ubuntu variant – other Linux distributions may have the Trash location changed and you will need to find the Trash location on your Linux distribution.

Common Computer Boot Beeps

· One min read

Beep Code: Description of Problem:

No Beeps Short – No power, Bad CPU/MB, Loose Peripherals

One Beep – Everything is normal

Two Beeps – POST/CMOS Error

One Long Beep, One Short Beep – Motherboard Problem

One Long Beep, Two Short Beeps – Video Problem

One Long Beep, Three Short Beeps – Video Problem

Three Long Beeps – Keyboard Error

Repeated Long Beeps – Memory Error

Continuous Hi-Lo Beeps – CPU Overheating

How to Contact Blizzard Entertainment

· One min read

Billing and Account Services

Live Representatives Available Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm PST

For phone assistance please call: 1 (800) 592-5499 || 1 (800) 59-BLIZZARD

*Australian users should call 1-800-041-378 if the above number doesn’t work.

*Singaporean users should call 1 800-2549-9273 if the above number doesn’t work.

From New Zealand, we need to dial a prefix to call international/USA 1800 numbers.

The format is: 0168 1 800 592 5499 (for the billing number, as an example)

CPU Critical Temperatures

· 3 min read


AMD Athlon Series

AMD Athlon (socket) up to 1Ghz 90°C

AMD Athlon (slot) all speeds 70°C

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.1Ghz+ 95°C

AMD Athlon MP 1.33Ghz+ 95°C

AMD Athlon XP 1.33Ghz+ 90°C

AMD Athlon XP T-Bred up to 2100+ 90°C

AMD Athlon XP T-Bred over 2100+ 85°C

AMD Athlon XP Barton 85°C

AMD Athlon 64 70°C

AMD Athlon 64 (Socket 939, 1.4 volts) 65°C

AMD Athlon 64 FX (sledgehammer) 70°C

AMD Athlon FX (San Diego + Toledo + Windsor) 63°C

AMD Athlon X2 (Manchester + Toledo) 65°C

AMD Athlon X2 (Windsor) 70°C-72°C (1.35v – 1.25v)

AMD Athlon X2 (Brisbane) 78°C (1.25v)

AMD Phenom

AMD Phenom 70°C

AMD Phenom X3 70°C

AMD Phenom X4 (9100, 9750, 9850) 61°C

AMD Phenom X4 (9550, 9650) 70°C

AMD Sempron

AMD Sempron (T-bred/Barton core) 90°C

AMD Sempron (Paris core) 70°C

AMD Sempron (Manila) 69°C – 78°C

AMD Sempron (Sparta) 65°C – 75°C

AMD Sempron (Sargus) 63°C

AMD Mobile Sempron 95°C

AMD Athlon II

Athlon II X2 (Regor) 72°C – 81°C

Athlon II X3 (Rana) 71°C – 75°C

Athlon II X4 (Propus) 70°C – 72°C

AMD Phenom II

Phenom II X2 (Callisto) 70°C

Phenom II X3 (Heka) 72°C

Phenom II X4 (Denab) 62°C – 71°C

Phenom II X6 (Thuban) 62°C – 71°C

Intel CPU’s

Intel Pentium D

Pentium D (Smithfield 805, 820) 63°C

Pentium D (Smithfield 830, 840) 69.8°C

Pentium D (Presler 915, 920, 930, 945, 960) 63.4°C

Pentium D (Presler 940, 950) 68.6°C

Intel Celeron Series

Celeron D (Prescott) 67°C

Celeron D (Cedar Mill) 69.2°C

Mobile Celeron 100°C

Intel Core 2 Duo

Intel core 2 Duo (Conroe E4300, E4400, E6300, E6400) 61.4°C

Intel Core 2 Duo (Conroe E4500, E4600, E4700) 73.3°C

Intel Core 2 Duo (Conroe E6320, E6420, E6540, E6550, E6600, E6700, E6750, E6850) 60.1°C

Intel Core 2 Duo (Wolfdale) 72.4°C

Mobile Core 2 Duo 100°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Conroe) 60.4°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Kentsfield Q6700) 71°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Kentsfield Q6600) 62.2°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Kentsfield QX6700, QX6850) 64.5°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Kentsfield QX6800) 54.8°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Yorkfiled Q9300, Q9450, Q9550) 71.4°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Yorkfield QX9650) 64.5°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Yorkfield QX9770) 55.5°C

Intel Core 2 Extreme (Hypertown QX9775) 63°C

Intel Itanium 2

Intel Itanium 2 below 1Ghz 66°C

Intel Itanium 2 1Ghz – 1.6Ghz 83°C

Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7

Intel Core i3 (Clarkdale) 72.6°C

Intel Core i3 (Sandy-Bridge) 65°C – 69°C

Intel Core i5 (Clarkdale) 72.6°C

Intel Core i5 (Clarkdale) (Model 661) 69.8°C

Intel Core i5 (Lynfield) 72.7°C

Intel Core i5 (Lynfield) (Model 750s) 68.9°C

Intel Core i5 (Sandy-Bridge) 69°C – 73°C

Intel Core i7 (Lynfield) 69°C – 73°C

Intel Core i7 (Gulftown) 67.9°C

Intel Core i7 (Sandy-Bridge) 72.6°C

Intel Core i7 Extreme (Bloomfield) 67.9°C