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Over the past few months, I have been busy working on a new project...

A news aggregator for Azure news and updates, I tested some desire for this using AzureFeeds, on LinkedIn as a platform (which will continue)...

I didn't want my LinkedIn connections, to be spammed by Azure updates every day, when some connections were connected to me for other non-Azure related services, so I created a separate account that interested people could subscribe to AzureFeeds.

I was lucky enough to acquire both and and wanted to do something a bit more substantial than just forwarding to the relevant Microsoft pages.

Inspired by PlanetPowerShell, I wanted an Azure specific service, so I created the AzureFeeds website.

Originally starting using official Microsoft services, due to the massive amount of updates and changes ongoing, I didn't want to make the feeds too busy, however with feedback from the community through a Twitter poll, I then added an author section and added community-based content to supplement official updates, mimicking the functionality of PlanetPowerShell being content community-driven a lot more.

You can subscribe to a single feed by clicking 'Download Feed' using your favourite RSS reader (even Outlook) and get the content delivered straight to you from official and community updates! Allowing you to keep up with Azure Updates and Azure community-driven updates easily, or just browse the webpage and filter by Author or Category for content that you may be after.

Check out..

Azure Feeds