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Remove old PowerShell modules versions using PowerShell

· One min read

Did you know, that if you update PowerShell modules, the old versions can sometimes get left behind?

This little snippet with remove any old PowerShell modules (that are not the latest version), which are installed.

#requires -Version 2.0 -Modules PowerShellGet
function Remove-OldModules
authors: [Luke] Murray (Luke.Geek.NZ)
Version: 0.1
Purpose: Basic function to remove old PowerShell modules which are installed

$Latest = Get-InstalledModule
foreach ($module in $Latest) {

Write-Verbose -Message "Uninstalling old versions of $($module.Name) [latest is $( $module.Version)]" -Verbose
Get-InstalledModule -Name $module.Name -AllVersions | Where-Object {$_.Version -ne $module.Version} | Uninstall-Module -Verbose