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How to rip Audio from a DVD

· One min read

In this guide I am using a media player called: VLC (VideoLAN) to do the conversion – it can be downloaded free “here”.

  1. Once installed – open VLC media player
  2. Put the DVD you want to rip the audio into your computer
  3. Click Media (up-the-top)
  4. Click Convert/Save
  5. Click Disc (up-the-top)
  6. Make sure the DVD is selected
  7. Press Convert/Save (down-the-bottom)
  8. Change the destination file field to the location where you would like the audio saved to.
  9. In the profile drop down box select Audio –MP3
  10. Click Start

Note: Make sure you have the right stream selected in step 6 – or you might just record the Menu sound – for example: VOB_1 compared to Vob_0.