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How to fix Telecom T-Stick/Vodafone Vodem Initializing issues

· 2 min read

Make sure you have credit on your Vodem/T-Stick. This is the common cause of why the modems will not load webpages.

  1. Disconnect the T-Stick/Vodem
  2. Click Start
  3. Click Programs/All Programs
  4. Click Accessories
  5. Click Command Prompt
  6. Type:  set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 (this will reveal hidden device drivers in device manager) > Press Enter
  7. Now we need to load Device Manager, click Start
  8. Right click Computer/My Computer
  9. Click the hardware tab
  10. Click Device Manager
  11. Click View
  12. Click Show Hidden Devices
  13. Device Manager will now display a list of devices that look transparent
  14. Go through the list, clicking “+” next to each one, mainly in the Network Adapters and Universal Serial Bus controllers sub-section.
  15. Look for anything related to ZTE/Vodafone/Telecom T-Stick
  16. Now right click the devices that indicate they are for the device and select Uninstall, click Ok to confirm
  17. Once you have removed the devices relating to the mobile broadband device, close Device Manager.
  18. Reconnect the T-Stick/Vodem and your computer should recognise it as a new device and install. It should now be up and running.  If not repeat step 14.