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Speedometer for your Android Mobile

· One min read

Need a Speedometer with Acceleration and GPS info? The Sub Speedo app by AutoRad Industries is what you are after. This is how you can acquire this little nifty app.

Using your PC

  1. Click on this Google Play link
  2. To the left, click Buy (at time of writing it costs $2.70NZD)
  3. Enter in your payment details, click Ok
  4. Choose the Android device you want it installed to
  5. Your Android device will then start downloading the app immediately.

Using Android

  1. Click on Google Play (previously Android Market)
  2. Search for: Sub Speedo
  3. Select the Sub Speedo (written by: AutoRad Industries)
  4. Click Install/Buy (at time of writing it costs $2.70NZD)

At time of writing there is currently no idevice app available.