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How to disable password complexity requirements in Windows Server 2012

· One min read
  1.  Open Server Manager
  2. Click Tools (top right)
  3. Click Local Security Policy
  4. Navigate to Account Policies/Password Policy
  5. Double click “Password must meet complexity requirements
  6. Click Disable
  7. Click Ok


Note: You can also Group Policy which includes Local security policies by pressing the Windows Key+R at the same type and typing: gpedit.msc into the run dialog.

How to replace the LCD on a Compaq CQ57

· 2 min read

What you need

  •  Flat Head Screw-Driver

  • Razor Blade

    1. Using a flathead screwdriver or razor blade gently lift the little plastic covers on the lower right and left of the panel casing (covering screws).
    2. Once removed, unscrew the 2 screws – one on either side.
    3. Using a slim flathead slide the flathead/razor underneath the area where the screws was and slide up slowly work you your way around the edge of the panel undoing clips on all side until you get to the webcam.
    4. Then start again from the other side slowly releasing each clip as you go, once you get to the webcam it simply comes off.
    5. Now gently slide your finger or the flathead screwdriver on the lower part of the panel casing to release it.
    6. Next remove the x2 copper screws on either side on the bottom of the panel “holder” to loosen it.
    7. Now remove the silver screws on either side (should be 3 on each side) of the “holder” which is holding the panel in place.
    8. Gently rest the panel down so it is resting on the keyboard
    9. Unplug the data/video cable from the LCD panel and swap your new one in.
  1. Reverse the process above to put it back together, remember to give the panel a test before you go through all the work to put it all back.

Note: Always best to have the laptop resting on a soft surface (ie towel) to avoid scratches.

Note: Make sure laptop battery has been removed and the laptop is unplugged from AC power to prevent any chance of turning laptop on.

Note: I have found the webcam area has more resistance (due to the fact there is a webcam there) starting from either end and making your way to the webcam decreases the chance of cracking the plastic casing.