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How to Logout of PSN Network

· One min read
  1. Go to Playstation Network
  2. Go to Account Management
  3. Press TRIANGLE
  4. Select Sign Out (here you can also disable AutoLogon to prevent the play-station network from logging you in automatically)

How to Install and Switch Winamp Player skins

· One min read

Ever found a great Winamp Skin, But you did not know how to install it? This tutorial will explain how._

To install Winamp Skins:

  1. Download & save the skin you want
  2. Double click the skin file (usually saved in Documents/Downloads)
  3. When it prompts, whether you want to install skin or not, select Yes.
  4. It will then install the skin and switch to it.

If it wont open in Winamp; Right click the skin and click Open With.. if Winamp is not in the list; then Browse for it; Winamp is usually located in: C:Program FilesWinamp. Select winamp.exe and click Open; it will then install the skin._

Switch to another skin

  1. Open Winamp
  2. Right click a free space next to one of the toolbars up the top.
  3. Click Options
  4. Select Skin Browser
  5. It will then list any installed skins and you can double click the skin you want to change winamp to the new skin.

Some great winamp skins are located “here

OSX Freezing when accessing Network Preferences

· One min read

This usually happens, when some of the OSX settings become corrupted. OSX can regenerate new settings, which should resolve your problem. Follow the settings below:

  1. Open Finder
  2. Navigate to your hard****drive
  3. Go to /Library/Prefences
  4. Drag System****Configuration folder to Trash
  5. Now openNetworkPreferences, the System Configuration folder should reappear and OSX should not freeze.

If the above doesn’t work then delete these files:



Post to Facebook at the same time as Google+

· One min read

Ever wanted to post on Google+ and have it automatic post Facebook as well? This is how you can do it.

  1. Find your secret email ID by logging into the Facebook Mobile page (Look for the email address at the bottom of the page)
  2. Go to your Google+ profile and write something you would like to share.
  3. Add your secret email address along with whatever circles you want to share the post with and then hit share.

Your post should now be shared with your Facebook account as well.

Howto Fix Word not opening

· One min read

Having problems opening Word? This usually occurs when the template that it uses to generate a new fresh page is corrupted. Follow the instructions below to fix:

  1. Open My Documents
  2. Up the top, select Tools
  3. Select Folder Options
  4. Select View
  5. Enable Hidden Files**/folders**
  6. Press Ok
  7. Close My Documents
  8. Click Start
  9. Click Search
  10. In the search field type:
  11. Delete the file that appears in the search result.
  12. Open Word

The file might also be located in the folders below, and is also safe to delete.

C:/Documents and Settings/%user%/Application Data/Microsoft/Templates

C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Templates