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Web Content Not Found on Azure Storage Account

· 2 min read

Azure Storage accounts can host static websites by opening up a public endpoint to an Azure storage container ($web), so anything inside of $web will be accessible publicly.

This can be enabled easily by toggling the Static website to Enabled.

Azure Storage Account - Static website

Once enabled, the Azure storage account will add a NEW endpoint - <storageaccname>.z*

Once you have enabled the static website functionality, a new container named: $web will be created; this is the root of your static website – and where your HTML or static website will go.

After you upload your website files to the $web folder.

Azure Storage Account - $web container

Add the index document name (i.e., index.html) and click Save.

Azure Storage Account - Static Website primary endpoint

If done correctly, your website should now show your website.Azure Storage account static websitev

If done incorrectly, you may get: The requested content does not exist.

The requested content does not exist

If this occurs, make sure:

  • There is no whitespace in the index document name.

Azure storage account - index.html

  • The Case matters, make sure if the filename is all lowercase in the container, then it’s all lowercase in the Azure storage account static website configuration.
  • Define a 404 page (the page that gets loaded) when attempting to browse paths that don’t match the index - make sure the site exists in a container and is added to the site storage account configuration, like the index document name.


  • If you don’t have a 404 page, you can have index.html as both.

Azure static web site - filenames

  • If you have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) in front of your Azure Storage account (Azure CDN, Cloudflare), you may need to adjust the access level of your Container from Private to: Blob (Anonymous). You shouldn’t have to adjust this usually, as the Access level controls the container endpoint access – not the static website endpoint.

Azure storage account - blob access level