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Accessing the Ricoh printer maintenance shell

· One min read

Most Ricoh network capable printers include a Telnet server that is used by Ricoh for maintenance of their printers allowing you to access the Ricoh Printer maintenance shell. Using telnet or in my guide – I am using the third party tool pUTTY (as in my domain environment – telnet hasn’t been installed on most workstations) you can access the Maintenance Shell.

  1. Download and run PuTTY.
  2. Open PuTTY and choose Telnet under Connection Type.
  3. Type in the IP address or hostname in the Host Name (or IP address field).
  4. Click Open.
  5. This will then start the RICOH Maintenance Shell – type in the login name _(default is using admin as the username – and a blank password).
  6. You will be greeted with the maintenance shell.