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How to install Google Apps onto CyanogenMod

· 2 min read

Note: This is usually – for the nightly builds. The stable builds seem to have Google integration.

Note: Please backup your phone beforehand – I take no responsibility if your phone fails to boot.

  1. First thing is first – download Gapps (
  2. Plug your Android phone into your computer
  3. Open My Computer/Computer & navigate to the Download folder
  4. Create a folder in the Downloads folder called: gapps
  5. Copy the downloaded Gapps zip file (leave as is – do not uncompress) into the folder
  6. Once copied turn your Android phone off.
  7. Now you need to boot into the phones Recovery mode – for the Samsung Galaxy phones & Clockwork Recovery press Power & Volume Up button at the same time to boot the phone and open Recovery mode.
  8. Once in Recovery mode – navigate to: -install zip
  9. Select – install zip from /sdcard
  10. Select the Gapps zip file
  11. Select Yes – Install Gapps
  12. It will go then go the copying process and uncompress the zip & install Gapps.
  13. Once completed – it will say: Install from SD Card Complete.
  14. Navigate back to the root menu of Recovery Mode & select Reboot System Now.
  15. The android device will restart and you will see “Android is upgrading.”
  16. Congratulations you have now installed GApps onto your Android device and should now have access to Google Play & Gmail.