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Booting into Recovery Partition instead of Operating System

· One min read

Having issues with your computer booting into the Recovery Partition instead of the Windows operating system? Try the guide below to repair.

  1. First download Gparted and burn it to a CD
  2. Boot from the Gparted CD (F12 or Esc are common hotkeys to bring up the boot menu during system startup)
  3. Just press Enter through the default options to boot into the user interface.
  4. You should see several partitions on your computer – this usually consists of System, Operating System (C:) and Data.
  5. Right click the Operating System partition
  6. Left click Flags
  7. Left click Boot (the boot flag will set the OS partition to bootable – it is probably set to System or the Recovery partition at the moment)
  8. Click ok
  9. Now shutdown gparted and restart your computer. It should now boot into the operating system.