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Install Ubuntu netbook edition

· 2 min read

Note: Be best to be plugged into the Internet (through Ethernet) to make sure latest updates are installed and downloaded while running the install.

_Note: Early 2011/As of 11.04 Ubuntu “folded” the Netbook Edition into the normal installation instead of having it separate. _


  1. Download Ubuntu (tested with 12.04)
  2. Burn
  3. Boot
  4. Install Ubuntu
  5. Wait till it loads the set-up into PC’s RAM
  6. Click next
  7. Select your partition information (warning this could and will erase your data if something goes wrong)
  8. Click next
  9. Double check settings and click Install now
  10. Select your region
  11. Click Next
  12. Select your keyboard layout
  13. Click Next
  14. You will be noticing the progress bar below, it is installing at the same time as you are setting up the installation to your own preferences
  15. Enter in your Username and password (you must enter in a password, this will also be your root password)
  16. Click Continue
  17. Select your User Account profile picture and select Continue
  18. Wait for Ubuntu to finish installing (10-20 minutes to install.)
  19. Click Restart Now
  20. When prompted remove the Ubuntu CD/DVD from the drive and press Enter
  21. The PC then restarts and will load the Ubuntu OS


Away you go! Ubuntu should have automatically changed its resolution depending on your screen size, whether small net-book or large monitor.