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Countdown Shopping App List Share

· 2 min read


  1. To send other people your Countdown Shopping list, do the following:
  2. First (You have to have either a Bluetooth pair with the device or Internet access for email, going to run this guide through the email way but similar to other methods)
  3. Go to the Countdown application on your phone.
  4. Select my lists
  5. Select the list you want to send for someone (for example Master List)
  6. Now you need to open up the Countdown menu (so on your phone click the Menu button, for example on the Galaxy Ace it is the button with Lines going down on the left hand side of the phone)
  7. Select Share
  8. Now you need to select your sharing method, in this case we are going to use Email so select “Email to a friend”  (Other methods Bluetooth/Dropbox/Gmail etc are located under Share with another app user)
  9. Select Gmail or what email application you use on your phone.
  10. Now enter in the email address of the person you are going to send it to and send.
  11. The other person simply needs to open the email on their phone and click the link in the email (to the attached TXT document)
  12. When it selects what program to open it with, select your Web Browser.
  13. The Countdown Shopping app will then launch and import the list