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How to check Vodafone NZ Account Balance

· One min read

Mobile Phone

These instructions differ slightly depending on your phones make/model. Please adjust accordingly.

  1. On the phone, go to the Main Menu
  2. Go to Messaging
  3. Choose Create New
  4. You are now going to make a TXT message to: 777 (which is Vodafone)
  5. In the text message type: bal
  6. Send (Vodafone will then txt you back with your balance)

How to top-up or check your balance using a Vodem

  1. Click Start
  2. click Programs (or All Programs)
  3. Click Vodafone
  4. Click Vodafone SMS
  5. Click New SMS to create a new SMS
  6. For the send-to number type: 777 (Type: 887 for topping up)
  7. In the message type: bal (For topping up, type in your top-up code)
  8. Send (Vodafone will then txt you back with your balance or top your Vodem up)

You can also use the Vodafone homepage to check your balance and top-up, even when there is no credit available.