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Remove Sidebar ads on Handycafe Client

· One min read

In order to remove the Ads on the sidebar, we need to block them using an inbuilt list called the HOST file.


  1. Go to a machine with Handycafe installed
  2. Click on My Computer/Computer
  3. Goto: C:WindowsSystem32drivers
  4. Find the “hosts” file
  5. Right click the host file and left click Properties
  6. Uncheck Use Read Only and left click Apply
  7. Right click the hosts file and left click Open With
  8. Select Notepad
  9. Ignoring everything listed in the file, go to the bottom of the file and enter in the following:
  12. Click File
  13. Click Save
  14. Restart the machine and the Ads should now vanish, do the same procedure on all your Café machines.

Note: Using a local firewall on the machine you could also block the Domains as another method of blocking them.