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Windows Vista continuous restarts installing updates

· One min read

One of the common causes of Windows Vista problems is due to Windows Updates; especially when it forces the computer to continuously restart follow the prompts below to repair.

  1. First off, you need a Windows Vista DVD or related CD/DVD you can access the files on the Windows installed partition.
  2. Using the Windows Vista DVD as an example you need to Boot from the DVD
  3. Once the Windows Vista DVD displays the first dialog Window giving you the options to install click Repair My Computer (below the Install).
  4. Select the Windows Vista installation you would like to edit (you would usually only have one).
  5. You should now have the Windows System Recovery dialog window, click Command Prompt.
  6. Once you are greeted with a blinking cursor type: del c:WindowsSoftwareDistribution > Press Enter
  7. This will delete the folder that contains all the temp files for Windows Updates (it will regenerate itself, so safe to delete).
  8. Now typecd Windows
  9. Typecd winsxs
  10. Typedel pending.xml > Press Enter
  11. Now restart your computer, it should now load Windows properly.