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Using Pastebin Services

· 2 min read

Pastebin service allows people to upload text, code for public viewing. Very handy when you want someone’s opinion on something you have written or having problems with certain code and require help.

Below are several recommended Pastebin services

Slexy is a powerful, slick, and sexy pastebin designed with the user in mind.

Use to paste errors for debugging, show off your code or your tech specs, or share anything else with other Internet users worldwide.

Top features: Tabbing within pastes, pasting through CLI/terminal using PastebinIt, saving preferences

More features: Paste expiration, paste versioning, line numbers/highlighting, code syntax highlighting, private pastes

Don’t worry about those slow pastebins with long URLs, ugly syntax highlighting, messy layouts, and lack of features. With, speed, efficiency, and usefulness are the goals.



pastebin is here to help you collaborate on debugging code snippets. If you’re not familiar with the idea, most people use it like this:

* submit a code fragment to pastebin, getting a url like

* paste the url into an IRC or IM conversation

* someone responds by reading and perhaps submitting a modification of your code

* you then view the modification, maybe using the built in diff tool to help locate the changes