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How to Import Mass Effect 2 Save into Mass Effect 3

· One min read

Problems importing your Mass Effect 2 save game into Mass Effect 3, this is caused because Mass Effect 3 actually looks to the Mass Effect 2 folder.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click My Documents/Documents
  3. Go into the Bioware folder
  4. Right click, select Create New, Folder
  5. Name it “Mass Effect 2
  6. Go into the newly created Mass Effect 2 folder and make a new folder called “Save
  7. Go into the Save Folder
  8. Now create a new folder for your character save ie Luke_30_Adept_070212
  9. Go into your new folder, and paste your save game from Mass Effect 2 into it.
  10. Now run Mass Effect 3, Go to New Game, Import ME2 Character & choose Import Career.
  11. Now you should be able to play!

If the above doesn’t work. You need to reinstall Mass Effect 2. Copy your save game back to the Mass Effect 2 folder in My Documents/Bioware/Mass Effect 2/Save and load your save game back into Mass Effect 2. Then save your game again. Exit out of Mass Effect 2, load Mass Effect 3 and you should be able to import your character.