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How to install Vinyl Laptop Skins

· One min read

Start with a clean laptop and a clean, flat working surface. To clean your laptop’s external surface, we recommend a damp lint-free cloth. Basically, you want to make sure your laptop is dry and free from any oil, dirt, or residue before beginning the skin installation.

  1. Carefully remove the laptop skin from its backing, with each person holding 2 corners. Hold the skin taut (but don’t pull!) and line it up over the top of the laptop, aligning the corners.
  2. Set the skin down gently and put light pressure in the centre of the skin to bond it to the surface.
  3. Working from the centre, gently bond the skin across the laptop from the center to the outside edges, pressing out any bubbles.
  4. If you need to trim the skin to fit, bond the skin well around all edges first, then use a sharp utility knife and gently run the blade down the edge that needs to be trimmed.