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Windows Vista Black Screen & Slow to Boot Repair

· One min read

Ever had the problem where Windows Vista has a Black screen, while trying to boot? I have. This is how I fixed it (For Advanced users only).

  1. Delete the following folders/files
  2. C:/windows/system32/drivers/pcmcia.sys
  3. C:/windows/system32/drivers/1394bus.sys
  4. C:/windows/system32/driversohci1394.sys
  5. C:/windows/system32/driverstore/filerepository/pcmcia.*
  6. C:/windows/system32/driverstore/filerepository/1394.infblablabla
  7. C:/windows/system32/driverstore/filerepository/sdbus.infblablabla*
  8. C:/windows/infsdbus.inf*
  9. C:/windows/infsdbus.PNF*
  10. Restart your computer and choose to edit boot options. You will see a screen which shows default windows boot options: /noexecute=optin. After optin, add /debug command and press esc. (There needs to be a space between optin and /debug.)
  11. Find and delete the following files
  12. Delete sptd.sys
  13. Delete
  14. Delete sptd.sys
  15. Delete sptd.sys
  16. Go to a command prompt and run the following commands
  17. cd windows
  18. del *pcmcia*.* /s/p
  19. del *1394*.* /s/p
  20. Restart computer.

Still not working? Try these additional options below.

  1. Press F2 to enter BIOS mode
    1. Under “Onboard Devices” select “Flash Cache Module” and set it to “Off” (you cannot disable SATA unless this is set to “Off” mode.
  2. Move up to “SATA Operation” and change from “AHCI” to “ATA“.
  3. Restart the computer.