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Changing the Aion English Client to Korean

· 2 min read

Short fix:

  1.  Right-click on Aion in your Launcher game list
  2. Select Properties
  3. Change/update language

Long fix:

You are running a North American client from Europe and may need to reinstall the European client. Odds are you’ve been playing Aion since way back in the beginning. When you re-install, the version that gets installed is determined by your OS locale settings and Launcher Options. It will take a while, but you will need to remove Aion completely from the Launcher and from your PC and start from square one with the installation. If you have a decent speed internet, this shouldn’t take all too long unless you do it during prime time.

Remove English files fix:

  1. Delete the language files in your installation folder AionL10N
  2. Make sure your Launcher’s regional settings are correct
  3. Make sure that your Aion language settings in the Launcher are correct
  4. Restart the Launcher completely & let it patch the correct language files.

Re-install only in Launcher fix:

  1. Remove Aion from your launcher by right-clicking and choosing “Uninstall”. Do not remove your game files – only remove it from the Launcher.
  2. Restart the Launcher.
  3. Right-click on Aion (should now be displayed as “Not installed”) and choose “Install”.
  4. Customize the installation so that all language settings are correct and point it to your Aion game folder from the previous installation.
  5. The Launcher will now try to patch any missing language files & hopefully resolve your issue.