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Brother HL-2040 Paper Light Blinking On/Off

· One min read

This problem usually occurs due to a Paper Jam in the printer or a faulty Drum unit in the printer. Follow any of the instructions below that matches your problems.


  1. In your word document/or document you are trying to print
  2. Go to File
  3. Page Setup
  4. Paper
  5. Make sure that your paper source is set to Tray 1 or what Tray the correct paper is in.

Reinstalling Toner

  1. Take off the front cover
  2. Pull the tabs on the side
  3. Pull out the big toner and cartridge
  4. Find the Blue tab
  5. Slide the tab from right to left
  6. Reinsert toner
  7. Close the toner door


If none of the above work, it is possible that your Drum unit is faulty and needs to be sent in to the manufacturer for repair.