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AMD Data change…update new data to DMI Error

· One min read

Getting the “AMD Data change…update new data to DMI” error? Try these fixes below.

  1. Press F1, or F2 to enter BIOs
  2. Due to the fact that all BIOs are different, look for ACPI options, usually in Power Management.
  3. Enable ACPI
  4. Make sure the Time/Date settings are correct, and if not correct them.
  5. Set HDD from SATA to IDE, in the Controller settings.
  6. Restart

If that didn’t work, you are looking at a BIOS/CMOs Upgrade/Flash. Look at the Motherboard’s manufacturers website for information on how to do this. Remember this is quite dangerous and if the wrong model or a power cut occurs during flashing, damage to the Motherboard may occur & make it worse.