Configuration Manager Queries

One of the best uses of Configuration Manager is its ability to query and actually make use of the data in a dynamic and automated way.

This is just a quick post with a few Configuration Manager WQL queries I have created or collected that may be useful to someone.

Feel free to use them, change them to suit your needs and share your own!

If you don’t know how to use these – check the bottom of the post for links to TechNet.

Collection Based Dynamic Rules:

Get Windows 7 Enterprise x64 Devices matching a specific naming convention:
Devices in a specific OU:
Devices that have a specific Hotfix installed:
Devices which are Bitlocker encrypted:
Devices which have ran a Software Metering Rule in the last x60 days:
Devices that have Visual Studio Premium 2013 installed:
Devices that are a member of a specific Active Directory group:

Query Based Dynamic Rules:

Devices which are Bitlocker encrypted:
Get users Primary devices from User based group:
Show Devices and Users of a limited Collection:
Get Identical MAC addresses:
Get a list of hardware Models that exist:
Get a list of Webcam models:


How to Create Queries in Configuration Manager –

How to Create Collections in Configuration Manager –

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