Surface Pro – How to install Hyper-V

  1. Bring up the Metro Windows 8 interface
  2. Type in: Programs & Features
  3. Select Turn Windows Features on or off on the left hand side menu
  4. Check Hyper-V (make sure – Hyper-V Management Tools & Hyper-V platforms are also selected inside the Hyper-V section).
  5. Click Ok
  6. The Hyper-V services will get installed. Once completed restart your Surface.
  7. Launch the Hyper-V Manager and you are good to go to start playing with your Virtual machines.

Note: The same method allows Hyper-V to be installed on Windows 8.1 if you are running a 64bit OS & your Motherboard & CPU supports virtualization.

Note: Surface RT does not support Hyper-V – this is only suitable for the Surface Pros.

Lync 2013 – Turn on event logging for Windows event viewer

  1. Open Lync 2013
  2. Click Options
  3. Change Logging in Lync to: Full
  4. Check – Also turn on Windows Event Logging for Lync to collect troubleshooting info
  5. Click Ok

Excel – Add a space in a column of data.

Ever had a bunch of next and numbers in a column and needed to separate them with a space? Follow this guide.

  1. Find the column you want to add a space to and right click the column heading.
  2. Left click Format Cells
  3. Click Custom (bottom)
  4. Now work out how many letters/words you want before a space and type: # for each character, press Space where you want a space to be and then type the rest of the # (for example for a NZ telephone number it would look like:  ### ####)
  5. Click Ok to accept changes.

Note: You can preview the changes you make in the preview dialog above the custom edit field.