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Speedometer for your Android Mobile

1 minute read

Need a Speedometer with Acceleration and GPS info? The Sub Speedo app by AutoRad Industries is what you are after. This is how you can acquire this little ni...

How to Normalize Audio in VLC Media Player

less than 1 minute read

Open  VLC Media Player Click Tools Preferences Select Audio on the left hand settings pane. Check “Normalize Volume” box Set the normalize volum...

How to remove Java from OSX

less than 1 minute read

Open Terminal (/Utilities/Terminal) Type in: sudo rm -rf /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/ Press Enter

Fedora “No More Mirrors” error

less than 1 minute read

Open a Terminal Type:  yum clean all (Press Enter) Type: yum check-update (Press Enter) Now attempt to install the package you were trying to instal...