“I believe the Information Technology infrastructure in five years will look bright with the promise of tomorrow.”  


  1. With the latest shiny gadgets accessible with a low price range and top of the line features the ability to look up the latest product trends, product information and customer information will be as simple as breathing.
  2. With the latest tablet technology showing off products and information with media with become second nature with customers getting the full picture on products with a few finger presses.
  3. Online shopping will become standard with more stores joining the fro allowing for products delivered straight to your doorstep at completive pricing.
  4. Paying bills and purchasing will become easier allowing for not only EFTPOS but with more phone pay stations using services such as Google Wallet at disposal.
  5. Cell phones will be able to be used for booking items or tickets while in queues with local supermarkets and retail outlets offering free Wi-Fi.
  6. QR Codes will become more common place, allowing customers to not only get more information but special deals on products and services
  7. Cloud based systems will become common place with thin clients allowing access to client information, documents and emails both remotely and securely.
  8. Servers will become more virtualized allowing for faster processing and stability.


The above is my opinion and ideas on what IT infrastructure may look like in five years.