1. They will not do computer work outside of work hours, so don’t ask.

  2. They do not fix coffee machines or vacuum cleaners

  3. “It was working yesterday” is a fail excuse, everything always works until it doesn’t work. Hence why you are talking to them.

  4. Everyone is urgent, and the excuse of not being able to talk on Facebook is not a valid excuse.

  5. Using family as an excuse to get your computer fix is horrible, ever wonder why your family IT guy doesn’t like coming to family outings? You know why now.

  6. It is not the technician’s fault your computer hardware/software has failed, don’t take it out on them.

  7. Starting the conversation with asking for someone else, finding they aren’t there and saying “Well maybe you can help me” is not a good start to the conversation, just state what’s wrong from the start.

  8. Be patient, if you want it fixed properly, don’t hassle the technician.

  9. The supermarket is not the technician’s workspace so don’t ask questions.

  10. Computers have many forms, so do not be grumpy or upset if they haven’t heard of your problem before.


Note: The guidelines above are my personal opinions and does not reflect the opinions of others.