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Bit-Torrent Websites

Torrent Indexers

Torrent indexers are sites that have a searchable directory of torrent files, but don’t host a (public) tracker of their own. Mininova has a tracker, but they only allow ‘featured’ torrents uploaded through their content distribution service. The most used torrent indexers are:

  • Mininova
  • IsoHunt
  • Torrentreactor
  • BTjunkie

Torrent Meta-Seach Engines

BitTorrent meta-search engines are yet another brand of torrent sites. They don’t have a tracker and don’t host any torrent files on their servers. Instead they search for and link to torrents hosted on third party sites.

  • Torrentz
  • Nowtorrents
  • Qtorrents
  • Torrent-Finder

Private Trackers (open signup)

Most of the larger private trackers require an invite to join, but there are always a few that allow new members. Below are four of these (open) private trackers and more can be found on Btracs.

  • RTN
  • BiteMyTorrent
  • BitShock
  • TorrentIt
  • Digital Abyss

Standalone BitTorrent Trackers

Torrent indexers and meta-search engines can be used to find torrents, but none of them will be of much use without a stable BitTorrent tracker. Standalone BitTorrent trackers are much needed, they handle the communication between downloaders but don’t index any torrents themselves.

  • OpenBitTorrent
  • PublicBitTorrent
  • The Hidden Tracker
  • Denis.Stalker

Google, has a filetype:torrent search command that allows you to find torrent files scattered across the Internet. .

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