Reset Nokia Windows phone to factory settings

As part of my role at work – we continuously swap the company’s mobile phone – a Nokia windows phone so being able to reset Nokia windows phone to factory settings is quite useful as we store our contacts on the SIM card so restoring the phone back to factory settings before handing them on is a useful occurrence.


Warning: This erases all personal content on your phone and restores the factory settings.

Make sure the charger is disconnected, and switch your phone off.


  1. Press and hold the volume down key, and connect the charger. The screen will show an exclamation mark (!).
  2. Press the keys in the following order: volume upvolume downpower, and volume down. Your phone resets, and boots up. This may take several minutes.

How to remove Applications from the application list on the Play Store

  1. On your Android – open the Play Store.
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click My Apps
  4. On the left – select All
  5. Select the Application you would like to remove and select – “Remove (app name) from my Apps”
  6. Click Ok
  7. Now on the Google Play website – under your Applications the application you removed should be removed from the list.

How to install Google Apps onto CyanogenMod

Note: This is usually – for the nightly builds. The stable builds seem to have Google integration.

Note: Please backup your phone beforehand – I take no responsibility if your phone fails to boot.

  1. First thing is first – download Gapps (
  2. Plug your Android phone into your computer
  3. Open My Computer/Computer & navigate to the Download folder
  4. Create a folder in the Downloads folder called: gapps
  5. Copy the downloaded Gapps zip file (leave as is – do not uncompress) into the folder
  6. Once copied turn your Android phone off.
  7. Now you need to boot into the phones Recovery mode – for the Samsung Galaxy phones & Clockwork Recovery press Power & Volume Up button at the same time to boot the phone and open Recovery mode.
  8. Once in Recovery mode – navigate to: -install zip
  9. Select – install zip from /sdcard
  10. Select the Gapps zip file
  11. Select Yes – Install Gapps
  12. It will go then go the copying process and uncompress the zip & install Gapps.
  13. Once completed – it will say: Install from SD Card Complete.
  14. Navigate back to the root menu of Recovery Mode & select Reboot System Now.
  15. The android device will restart and you will see “Android is upgrading.”
  16. Congratulations you have now installed GApps onto your Android device and should now have access to Google Play & Gmail.

How to get an Android mobile device on the Tor network

Thankfully over the last few years – connecting securely & joining your workstations to the Tor network have become a lot easier – for both Linux & Windows clients. Now with a nifty little application called – Orbit you can easily traffic HTTP (port 80) traffic & other random Android application traffic through the Tor network. Follow the guide below to get your android device & applications running through the Tor network.

Note: This application needs root access for full functionality and is recommend.

  1. Open Play Store/Google Play on your android device.
  2. Search for: Orbot.
  3. Select – Orbot: Proxy with Tor (from The Tor Project) & install it to your Android device.
  4. Once installed – open Orbot.
  5. Up the top of the application – click Settings
  6. Make sure – Start Orbot on Boot is checked.
  7. Scroll down to Transparent Proxying & make sure Transparent Proxying is enabled – then check Tor Everything to make sure all your application’s network traffic is directed to the Tor network.
  8. Now – scroll right to the bottom of the settings and make sure in the Debug area – Network Auto-Sleep is checked to reduce battery consumption.
  9. Go back to the main Orbot home screen and press the large silver power button to start proxying your traffic through the Tor network.

Note: You can confirm the traffic is being proxyed by monitoring the Download & Upload traffic on the bottom half of the Orbot screen.

Enable Swype mode on the Galaxy S4

  1. Settings
  2. My Device
  3. Language and Input.
  4. Keyboards and input methods
  5. Choose the cog next to the “Samsung keyboard” option
  6.  Check the “Continuous input” option

Restore your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Firmware

Warning: Following this method will erase all your data – including Contacts & Photos


  1. First you need to download your iPhone/iPod Touch firmware. Click “here” to download the firmware.
  2. Once the download has been completed – Open iTunes
  3. Click on your iPhone/iPod Touch (if using older version of itunes – on the left if not it is top right)
  4. Hold down SHIFT and left click the Restore button.
  5. A Browse for dialog will open – locate and select the downloaded iPhone/iPod firmware.
  6. Click Open
  7. iTunes will now verify the consistency and authenticity of the firmware file to verify it is a valid Apple firmware. Then start the restore process.
  8. Once completed your iPhone/iPod Touch should restart and you should now have a freshly reset iPhone/iPod Touch.

iPhone/iPod – App Store is in Chinese

  1. Launch App Store
  2. Select Featured (left most option – down bottom)
  3. Scroll to the bottom and select your account (the button is centered and long)
  4. Here you can change your Account country.

If the above doesn’t work – you need to either create a new iTunes account temporarily or borrow someone’s.

  1. On the iPhone/iPod go to Settings
  2. Select iTunes & App Store
  3. Log in with an English apple account.
  4. Open App Store


The App Store will switch to English – you can now logout of the English account and the iPhone/iPod will retain its language setting.

Error 921 Installing Android Apps



Attempting to install applications from the Google Store and getting Error 921? I got this after several OS reinstalls on my phone and installing the same apps several time.

  1. In order to fix this, you need to go into Settings
  2. Accounts
  3. Remove your Google Account
  4. Then re-add your account

Now you should be able to download and install the applications you are after.

Vodafone New Zealand Phone Settings

These settings are used for setting up Chinese/foreign phones onto the Vodafone NZ network.

APN (Access Point Name)   – WAP/PXT -Email/DATA


IP/Internet Protocol Address: (Not needed for 3G phone) – Only to be used if above doesn’t work.


Port/Port Number:

9201, 09201


Home/Start Page:


Connection Type/Access Method:




Leave field blank (Not needed)



Leave field blank (Not needed)


MMS Server/MMS Relay: – Only to be used if above doesn’t work.



Get mobile specific setup for supported phones at

Sony Tablet S 1080 Handbrake Settings

  1. Open Handbrake
  2. Make sure the video file you would like to convert is selected.
  3. On the right hand side click iPhone 4
  4. Leave everything as default except you need to change the resolution to: 1280×800
  5. Convert, copy to your Tablet S and enjoy your video!