How to refresh Printer Installer configuration on a workstation

Sometimes making adjustments with Printer Installer can be a nightmare – especially when you need to wait for the change to replicate out to users.

Using this method you can easily use Printer Installer to update the configuration on the local computer without having to wait for replication.

  1. Click Start
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Printer Installer
  4. Click Refresh Configurations

Wildstar – Guest Passes

Note: All codes have been used.


First in first serve..


A good time is always a gooder time when you share it with friends! Use these guest passes to bring your friends along to see your new stomping grounds on Nexus. The guest pass trial feature lasts for seven days after the code is redeemed, and while you’ll have enough fun to make your head explode during the trial, some features present in the full game won’t be available during the trial program. Check out our Guest Pass knowledge base article for more detail.

Wildstar – Client version does not match the game server version

This error seems to be happening mostly to us New Zealand players.. looks like a DNS issue. The fix is to use a VPN tunnel for when you first open a launcher or edit the host file.

To edit the Host file do the following:

  1. Click Start
  2. All Programs
  3. Accessories
  4. Right click Notepad and select Run as administrator
  5. Click Continue on the “Windows needs your permission” UAC window.
  6. When Notepad opens Click File -> Open
  7. In the filename field type C:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts
  8. Click Open
  9. Paste in and save the host file:

WildStar – How to install addons

As most MMORG out these days – Wildstar allows addons.

  1. The first and easiest way is to use the Curse Gaming Client to install addons.
  2. The second is to download the addons and extract the ZIP file to: %appdata%/NCSOFT/Wildstar/Addons

Note: If the Addons folder does not exist – you will need to create it.