Skyrim – Data files greyed out on Launcher

  1. Open My Computer/Computer
  2. Navigate to: C:Users{your user name}DocumentsMy GamesSkyrim
  3. Right click SkyrimPrefs.ini and Open with – Notepad
  4. Navigate to the: [Launcher] section
  5. Add this line: “bEnableFileSelection=1” (without quotes)
  6. Press File & Save.

Lync 2013 – Turn on event logging for Windows event viewer

  1. Open Lync 2013
  2. Click Options
  3. Change Logging in Lync to: Full
  4. Check – Also turn on Windows Event Logging for Lync to collect troubleshooting info
  5. Click Ok

Windows 7 – Authentication prompt for cached credentials in a domain environment

  1. In order to fix this – you need to close all Internet Explorer windows.
  2. Open Credential Manager (start type in: Credential Manager).
  3. Under Windows Credentials – select & remove all associated Username & Passwords.
  4. Once removed log the user out and get the user to login again.
  5. They should now be able to access the Intranet & Internet.


Note: I have come across this when the users – password has reached expiry so when attempting to login again the user is usually asked to reset his or her password.
Note: Also make sure the proxy details in Internet Explorer are set correctly for your environment.
Note: Also – Windows 8 compatible.

Flex+ – Using Self-Support to restore user’s preferences

  1. Click Start
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Select Immidio Flex+

  4. Select Flex+ Self-Support
  5. Now for example –you are having outlook issues – select Microsoft Outlook 2010
  6. Click Reset (to reset Outlook 2010 back to Factory Defaults – or Restore to restore from backup. You can restore a Flex+ backup for the last 2 weeks.

Windows 7 – How to delete users profiles

  1. Click on Start
  2. Right click Computer
  3. Select Properties.
  4. Click Advanced System Settings.
  5. Under – User Profiles select Settings
  6. Choose the profile you would like to Delete

  7. Select Delete

Windows Server 2012 – Convert Core installation to full GUI installation

  1. You have to have administration rights for this – open an elevated powershell prompt and type: Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-Infra, Server-Gui-Shell –Restart press Enter for the cmdlet to install the Server 2012 user interface.

Free Internet Explorer – Development Virtual Machines

I have recently found a good web resource – 90 day restricted Virtual Machines, compatible with Hyper-V/VMWare & Virtual box that I thought I would share.

These Virtual Machines are intended for web development testing and include Windows XP machines running Internet Explorer 6 to Windows 8.1 machines running Internet Explorer 11 (as of this post).

  1. To access these Virtual Machines – go to: and select “Get Free VMs” to see the download list.

Note: This website also has a modern interface – with a lot of resources for webpage development in Internet Explorer. Useful for any webpage builder and is developed by Microsoft.

Windows Vista – Not loading Control Panel

Having problems when you try opening the Vista Control panel and all you see is the outline of the window?

Follow the instructions below to repair it.


1. Left Click the Vista “Orb”

2. Left Click All Programs

3. Left Click Accessories

5. Left Click Notepad

6. Copy & paste the following into Notepad (To copy, select the text below and click Copy. To paste, right click on where you would like to paste it and select Paste)


net stop readyboost

net stop slsvc

net start slsvc

net start readyboost



7. Click File

8. click Save

9. Save the file as “ControlPanelFix.bat” and close Notepad

10. Run the ControlPanelFix.bat file.


Note: You can also try accessing parts of Control Panel by going to Computer, and in the left hand pane, select Control Panel

How to remove Applications from the application list on the Play Store

  1. On your Android – open the Play Store.
  2. Click Menu
  3. Click My Apps
  4. On the left – select All
  5. Select the Application you would like to remove and select – “Remove (app name) from my Apps”
  6. Click Ok
  7. Now on the Google Play website – under your Applications the application you removed should be removed from the list.

Xbox One – Kinect Voice Commands


Xbox One Voice Command


Xbox on

Wakes up system, turns on TV and set-top box

Xbox turn off

Powers off Xbox, optionally powers off TV or set top box


Shows master voice command options

Xbox select

Shows contextual voice command options

Stop listening

Cancels voice command mode

Xbox help

Help menu

Xbox use a code

Kinect scan for Qr codes

Xbox show notification

Show notifications

Xbox sign in

Sign in to XBL

Xbox sign out

Sign out of XBL

Xbox sign in as

Sign in a user by name

Xbox sign out as

Sign out a user by name

Xbox record that

Records previous 30 seconds of game footage

Xbox start a party

Starts party application

Xbox volume up

Increases volume

Xbox volume down

Decreases volume

Xbox mute

Activates mute

Xbox unmute

Deactivates mute

Xbox go home

Opens Home

Xbox show my stuff

Opens home

Xbox go to _______

Launches games or applications by name

Xbox show menu

Opens contextual menu

Xbox go back

Go back to previous screen or cycle back a menu option

Xbox snap _________

Opens named application in snap mode

Xbox unsnap

Unsnaps an activity

Xbox switch

Switches control

Xbox Skype ________

Skypes favorites list friend by name

Xbox call ________

Skypes favorites list friend by name

Xbox answer

Answers Skype call with video

Xbox answer without video

Answers Skype call without video

Xbox hang up

Hang up Skype

Xbox send a message

Send a message to Friends

Xbox watch TV

Opens TV through set-top box

Xbox watch _______

Watch TV by channel name

Xbox show guide

Show OneGuide

Xbox OneGuide

Show OneGuide

Xbox Snap Party

Start a party with a snap

Xbox play

Play movie, song, or game

Xbox stop

Stop movie or song

Xbox pause

Pause movie, song, or game

Xbox fast-forward

Fast-Forward movie or song

Xbox rewind

Rewind movie or song

Xbox faster

Increase speed of movie or song

Xbox slower

Slow down movie or song

Xbox skip forward

Skip forward movie or song track

Xbox skip backward

Skip backward movie or song track

Xbox next song

Go to next song

Xbox previous song

Go to previous song

Xbox play music

Open music playback

Xbox play video

Open video playback

browse to ________

Within IE, go to a particular website by name

Xbox Bing ________

Bing search for term by name


To close menu

Resume __________

Resume any open application or game

Add Recipients

Add recipients to message


Choose selection

Play Album

Play a music album